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SF-18M45 Sunpentown Air Circulators Misting Fan, 18" Fan Blade

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Benefits & Features

✅ Efficient Cooling: Enjoy a powerful 18" fan blade for effective air circulation.
✅ Customizable Comfort: Choose from 3 fan speeds, adjustable height (46 to 54 inches), and oscillation for personalized cooling.
✅ Safety Priority: GFCI protection ensures the fan shuts off in unintended damp conditions, prioritizing your safety.
✅ Precision Misting: 3 brass nozzle misting hub with UV/rust resistance for fine mist dispersion.
✅ User-Friendly Controls: Easily manage fan speed, misting, and oscillation with intuitive push-button controls.
✅ Versatile Design: Doubles as an indoor fan without mist, providing year-round functionality.
✅ Sturdy Construction: With a base diameter of 17" and thermal cutoff protection, this fan is built for durability.
✅ Quiet Operation: Experience comfort without disturbance with noise levels ranging from 62 to 70 dB.
✅ Easy Maintenance: Follow maintenance instructions for proper cleaning to ensure optimal performance.
✅ ETL Certified: The fan is certified for safety and meets industry standards.


Item Height: 54"
Base diameter: 17"
Fan Diameter: 18"
Adjustable height: 46 to 54"
Adjustable head angle: up 16° / down 8 °
Power Cord Length: 5 ft.
Item weight: 17 lbs
Item Color: Black

CFM: 1589
Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz
Maximum Wattage: 54 W
Power consumption (Max): 0.45 amps
Noise level (min/max): 62/70 dB
RPM (H/M/L): 1230/1100/900 (±100)
Water pressure (Min): 43.5 psi
Water usage (per nozzle): 2.07 gallons/hour

Controls: Manual
ETL Certified: Yes
Thermal Cutoff Protection: Yes

Transform your outdoor gatherings with the powerful 18" Fan Blade SF-18M45 Sunpentown Air Circulators Misting Fan. Expertly crafted for efficiency, this fan easily connects to a standard garden hose, providing a refreshing breeze during barbecues or parties. Its versatile design also allows it to function as an indoor fan without mist, making it a must-have for any family and home.


  • 18" Fan Blade
  • User Manual


  1. Avoid using the misting function indoors, as it may lead to water damage on furniture and floors. (This product is not intended for indoor air cooling.)
  2. If there's excessive mist, simply reduce the water source.
  3. After turning off the water, some residual water may remain in the hose, causing dripping from the nozzles. To minimize post-use dripping, disconnect the water hose from the water source to clear it.
  4. Should the nozzles drip during use, refer to the maintenance instructions for proper cleaning.


Instruction Manual,

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Frequently Asked Questions about the SF-18M45 Sunpentown Air Circulators Misting Fan, 18" Fan Blade

Is a Misting Fan Suitable for Indoor Use?

Yes, misting fans can be used indoors, but it's advisable to avoid using the misting function indoors as it may cause water damage.

What Makes Misting Fans Ideal for Outdoor Settings?

Misting fans provide effective cooling outdoors by combining air circulation with a fine mist of water, reducing ambient temperature.

Are Misting Fans Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, misting fans consume less energy compared to traditional air conditioners, making them more environmentally friendly.

Can Misting Fans Help Reduce Energy Costs?

Yes, misting fans consume less energy than air conditioners, providing a cost-effective cooling solution for outdoor spaces.

How Does a Misting Fan Work?

Misting fans work by emitting a fine mist of water into the air, which evaporates quickly, cooling the surrounding area.