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In the world of home heating solutions, natural gas furnaces have been a longstanding favorite for their efficiency, reliability, and economical operation. At HVAC Delivered, we offer an extensive collection of gas heaters and furnaces, curated from the industry's top brands. Our collection includes horizontal gas furnaces, gas wall furnaces, and other HVAC components necessary to equip your home with a state-of-the-art heating system.

Whether you're looking for the raw power of a forced air system or the balanced output of a best-in-class gas furnace, our selection caters to every requirement and budget. What sets our collection apart is the blend of superior technology, design, and robust performance, ensuring you get the best natural gas heating solution for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Furnaces

Is a gas furnace part of HVAC?

Yes, a gas furnace is a type of HVAC system. A gas furnace, specifically, falls under the heating component of HVAC. It works by burning natural gas to produce heat, which is then distributed throughout a building via a network of ducts and vents. This makes it an integral part of many HVAC systems, particularly in regions where cold weather demands efficient, powerful heating solutions.

How does HVAC gas furnace work?

An HVAC gas furnace works by drawing in cold air from the room, cleaning it through an air filter, and then heating it using a gas burner and a heat exchanger. The burner ignites the gas, creating heat, which is transferred to the air within the heat exchanger. This heated air is then circulated throughout the building via a system of ducts by a blower motor.

The exhaust gases produced in the combustion process are safely vented out of the building through a flue or chimney. The furnace's operation is regulated by a thermostat, which ensures that the indoor temperature remains at the desired level, turning the furnace on and off as needed.

How long does a gas furnace last?

A gas furnace typically lasts between 15 to 20 years, though this lifespan can vary based on the furnace's make, model, and overall quality, as well as how well it is maintained. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing filters, checking and cleaning burners, and ensuring the thermostat and other controls are functioning properly, can significantly extend a furnace's life.

Environmental factors and usage patterns also play a role; for instance, a furnace in a region with long, harsh winters may have a shorter lifespan due to more intensive use. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient model might be cost-effective even before the end of the furnace's operational life, considering advancements in technology and energy efficiency.