Total Comfort, Your Way: HVAC Delivered's Premium Range of Single Zone Mini Split Systems

At HVAC Delivered, we provide some of the most reliable and efficient single zone mini split systems in the market. Our selection includes a variety of models that are perfect for single room cooling, from cassette air conditioners to single room mini splits, we have everything to suit your needs. We understand that the flexibility and efficiency of a mini split single zone are essential for your home or office.

In our collection, you'll also find the versatile ceiling cassette mini splits and ceiling cassette air conditioners. Whether you need a 6,000 BTU mini split single zone for a smaller space, or a 4 ton or 5 ton mini split single zone for larger rooms, we've got you covered. Our single zone mini split systems are designed for maximum efficiency, even when used for multiple rooms.

Single Zone Condensers

Frequently Asked Questions about Single Zone Condensers

What is single zone air conditioning?

Single-zone air conditioning refers to an HVAC system designed to cool or heat one specific area or "zone" within a building. Typically, this system comprises one outdoor unit connected to a single indoor unit, and it's controlled by a single thermostat. This kind of setup is ideal for smaller spaces or single rooms where a consistent temperature throughout the zone is desired.

How does a single-zone system work in HVAC?

A single-zone HVAC system works by providing heating or cooling to one specific area or room within a building, controlled by a single thermostat. This system typically consists of two main components: an outdoor unit (containing the compressor and condenser) and an indoor unit (such as an air handler or a furnace with an evaporator coil), connected by refrigerant lines.

What is the difference between single zone and multi-zone?

A single-zone system has one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, and it controls the temperature in one specific area or zone. This setup is simple and typically used in smaller spaces or homes where uniform temperature throughout is acceptable.

Multi-zone system involves one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units, each serving a different area or zone within the building. Each of these zones can be controlled independently, allowing for different temperature settings in each area.

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