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The quest for a comfortable indoor environment starts with controlling the flow of air, and that's where air vent covers and HVAC dampers come into play. HVAC Delivered is your ultimate destination for a broad range of air vent covers and dampers, specifically designed to optimize your home's climate control. From motorized dampers and air dampers to fan shutters and air shutters, we have an array of solutions to improve your HVAC system's functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shutters & Dampers

What is a shutter and dampers?

In HVAC systems, shutters and dampers are mechanical devices used to regulate airflow within ducts and vents. Shutters, typically found in external vents, can open or close to control the entry or exit of air, often used to protect against environmental elements like rain or to regulate the building's air exchange with the outside. Dampers, on the other hand, are installed within the ductwork and can adjust the volume, speed, and direction of airflow through the system.

What are the dampers for ventilation?

Dampers in HVAC ventilation systems are devices installed within the ductwork that control and regulate the flow of air through the system. They function by opening, closing, or partially obstructing ducts, which allows for precise control over the distribution and volume of air delivered to different areas or zones within a building.

What are shutters used for?

In HVAC systems, shutters are used primarily to control the flow of air into and out of a building and to protect the system from external elements. Installed on the exterior of buildings, typically over vents or as part of the air intake and exhaust systems, shutters can open to allow air movement and close to provide a barrier against wind, rain, and other environmental conditions.