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Discover the world of DIY mini splits with HVAC Delivered, your go-to source for self-installation heating and cooling solutions. Our collection of DIY mini split systems is designed for homeowners who value efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the satisfaction of completing a project on their own. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or new to home improvement, our range of mini split DIY kits offers something for everyone.

DIY 4th Gen Multi-Zone
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Frequently Asked Questions about DIY 4th Gen Multi-Zone

Are DIY mini splits really DIY?

Yes, DIY mini splits are designed for self-installation. They come with comprehensive instructions and can be installed without specialized HVAC tools, making them a feasible project for many homeowners.

Can you install a mini-split yourself?

Absolutely! With the right tools and a bit of technical know-how, many homeowners successfully install mini splits themselves. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions closely.

Are mini splits just air conditioning?

No, mini splits can provide both heating and cooling. Many models are equipped with heat pumps, making them a versatile choice for year-round climate control.