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Exhaust vents are essential for maintaining a healthy indoor atmosphere, and HVAC Delivered offers a comprehensive selection to meet various ventilation needs. Our products, including roof vents, wall vents, and exhaust fans, are designed to efficiently remove stale air, ensuring a fresher living environment. Our range features high-quality centrifugal fans, roof ventilators, and wall exhaust fans, tailored to optimize air exhaust systems in any space.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Centrifugal Roof & Wall Fans

What is a centrifugal roof fan?

A centrifugal roof fan is a type of mechanical exhaust fan used in various industrial, commercial, and sometimes residential buildings, typically installed on the roof.

How does a centrifugal roof fan work?

It operates using a centrifugal force created by a rotating impeller within the fan housing, which expels air radially, changing the direction of the airflow from vertical to horizontal.

What are the benefits of centrifugal fans?

This design is particularly effective for moving air and gases through ductwork and out of buildings, making it ideal for situations requiring high-pressure airflow and suitable for exhausting fumes, smoke, dust, and moist air. The roof-mounted position helps in direct expulsion of contaminated air at a high point, away from occupants, and minimizes the risk of re-entrance into the building, contributing to better overall air quality and ventilation.