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At HVAC Delivered, we understand the crucial role that heat kits play in home heating solutions. Whether you are looking for a heat press kit for your crafting projects, an electric heat kit for your HVAC system, or an in-floor heat kit for the ultimate comfort during cold winters, we have you covered.

Each heat kit in our extensive range is designed to deliver high-performance heating to meet a variety of needs. If you are in the HVAC industry, you'll find our heat kit HVAC options invaluable. And if you are seeking efficiency in your home heating system, consider our heat strip kit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Kit

What is an HVAC heat kit?

An HVAC heat kit, often referred to as an electric heat strip or emergency heat kit, is an accessory installed in some HVAC systems, particularly in heat pumps. It consists of a series of electrically powered heating coils or elements that provide supplemental heating. This kit is typically used during extremely cold weather when the heat pump alone might not be sufficient to maintain the desired indoor temperature, or in situations where the heat pump is in defrost mode or not operational. The heat kit activates to provide immediate, direct electric heating, ensuring comfort even in cold conditions.

Do you need a heat kit with a heat pump?

Whether you need a heat kit with a heat pump depends on your specific climate and heating needs. In milder climates, a heat pump alone is often sufficient to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. However, in colder regions where temperatures frequently drop below the heat pump's efficient operating range, a heat kit (or emergency heat strip) can be essential.

It serves as a supplemental heating source during extreme cold or when the heat pump is defrosting or temporarily out of service.

How does an electric heat kit work?

An electric heat kit in an HVAC system works by using electrical resistance to generate heat. When activated, electricity flows through the heating elements or coils within the kit, and as the electric current encounters resistance in the material of the elements, it generates heat. This heat is then transferred to the air passing over the coils by the system's blower, distributing warm air throughout the space.

Electric heat kits are typically used as a supplemental heating source in heat pump systems, particularly during extremely cold weather or when the heat pump is in defrost mode or otherwise not operating efficiently.