Founded in 1993, Sunpentown International Inc. (SPT) stands at the forefront of innovative appliance manufacturing worldwide. Offering a wide range of products from commercial induction systems to various appliances such as air purifiers, refrigerators, lighting, sanitation, massage devices, and dishwashers, SPT is committed to providing top-notch quality at affordable prices, ensuring customer contentment. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and staying ahead of market trends is at the core of our operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sunpentown

What is Self-Evaporating Technology?

Sunpentown Portable AC units are equipped with an advanced condensation removal system: Self-Evaporating Technology (except WA-9000E, WA-1000E & WA-1205E). When running AC mode, this technology recycles the water condensation to cool off the cooling coils, then evaporates the water out with the exhaust air. This results in increased energy efficiency, cooling performance and reduces the need to empty the water tank. Under extreme humid conditions, the water condensation may collect faster than the unit can recycle. Should the built-in water tank becomes full, the compressor will automatically shut-off and water full indicator will blink. At this time, water should be emptied, which is a simple process.

What's the difference between a cool-mist and a warm-mist humidifier?

The Sunpentown Humidifier Cool Mist disperses a cool vapor into the air, while a warm-mist humidifier (often called a steam vaporizer) emits heated water vapor. Both types increase room humidity, but they operate differently and may be suited for different needs.

What is Ionizer and its purpose?

The main purpose of Ionizer in an air purifier is to increase the CADR (clean air delivery rate). Negative ions occur naturally in the air we breathe, and when enough negative ions are attached to a particle, it gets too heavy to float in the air and drops to the ground (a process known as agglomeration), effectively getting it out of regular air circulation.