MRCOOL leads in advanced, high-efficiency HVAC systems with innovative design and manufacturing, ensuring comfort in any space. Our DIY ductless mini-splits offer versatile installation, enhanced efficiency, and smartphone compatibility, including Google Assistant® and Amazon Alexa®.

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Key Features to Consider when buying MRCOOL

Energy Efficiency: MrCool products are renowned for their energy efficiency, reducing your electricity bills and environmental footprint.
DIY Installation: The MrCool DIY series allows for easy, quick installation without the need for professional help, saving you time and money.
Smart Controls: With Wi-Fi connectivity and smart controls, manage your MrCool systems from anywhere using your smartphone.
Flexibility: From mini splits to universal systems, MrCool offers a range of products that fit various spaces and needs.
Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with MrCool's generous warranty terms, ensuring your investment is protected.
Advanced Features: Features like the MrCool ceiling cassette and the multi-zone systems offer advanced solutions for personalized comfort.
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Frequently Asked Questions about MRCOOL

Do your mini-splits have HEPA filters?

Because of the extra filter density required to meet the HEPA specification, HEPA filters only work well at low airflow levels. It is not practical to fit a HEPA filter to a residential split-system air conditioner, as they deliver much greater airflow volumes than dedicated air purifiers. Air flow restriction from a HEPA filter, could cause under-performance or failure in a mini-split or other residential split-system air conditioner.

What size Universal system do I need?

The important factors to consider are:
The Size of the Area to Heat / Cool (Square Feet)
Your Local Climate (is it extremely hot or cold for extended periods of time?)
Insulation (an uninsulated area with drafts will have vastly different requirements than a well-insulated area)
Basic Sizing based on Square Footage alone:
- 12k BTU = up to 500 square feet
- 18k BTU = 450 to 750 square feet
- 24k BTU = 700 to 1000 square feet
- 36k BTU = 950 to 1500 square feet

We suggest you have a certified HVAC technician perform a Manual J load calculation for the most accurate sizing of any HVAC system.

Are the Signature Series units DIY?

No they are not, they need to be installed by a certified HVAC technician.