ACiQ has revolutionized American homes with its high-quality, value-packed ductless mini-split products, experiencing remarkable growth by expanding its product range to meet diverse heating and cooling needs. Emphasizing superior quality and exceptional value, ACiQ ensures customer satisfaction with best-in-class warranty protection for all its offerings, solidifying its commitment to delivering top-notch heating and cooling solutions.

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Key Features to Consider when buying ACiQ

Energy Efficiency: Look for high SEER ratings to ensure maximum energy savings and lower utility bills.
Smart Control: Choose ACIQ models with smart features for remote access and control over your climate settings.
Heating and Cooling Capabilities: Opt for ACIQ heat pumps for versatile temperature management throughout the year.
Quiet Operation: ACIQ systems are designed for minimal noise, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment.
Warranty and Support: Ensure your investment is protected with comprehensive warranty options and reliable customer support from HVAC Delivered.
Professional Installation: Select ACIQ products that offer professional installation for optimal performance and longevity.
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Frequently Asked Questions about ACiQ

What is a Mini Split?

A mini split is a way of heating and cooling without needing ductwork. ACiQ mini split units are much smaller, quieter, and more efficient than traditional systems, making them better for your wallet and peace of mind.

What is ACiQ’s Next Gen Heat Pump?

ACIQ Next Gen heat pumps are also equipped with intelligent controls that can monitor and adjust the system to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Additionally, these heat pumps use eco-friendly refrigerants that are better for the environment than traditional refrigerants.

Are there mini split systems that work with ductwork?

Yes! Our Next Gen Heat Pumps utilize the inverter technology of mini splits with existing ductwork systems