NVCOUPLER-3834 MrCool HVAC Accessories 3/8" + 3/4 No-Vac Coupler Double Male End H2" x W6" Air Coupler

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Benefits & Features

✅ Extended Reach: Effortlessly extend the MRCOOL Universal Quick Connect Pre-Charged Line Set beyond standard lengths.
✅ Tailored Installations: Facilitates customization for precise installations, eliminating the need for traditional line sets and time-consuming techniques.


Item Weight: 1.35 lbs
Item Color: Copper

Lineset Fitting Type: Double Male End Coupling

Batteries: No
Electronics: No
Chemicals: No
Aerosol: No
Compressed Gas: No
Proposition 65 Warning: Yes
Restricted States: GU;PR;VI

Elevate your HVAC setup with MrCool's Double Male End Air Coupler – a top choice for HVAC professionals and enthusiasts alike. Expertly crafted with a copper-colored finish, this coupler combines both a 3/8" and a 3/4" no-vac coupler, ensuring efficient high-flow rate connections across various applications. The bold no-vac design guarantees safety from vacuum pressure, making it indispensable for HVAC projects in healthcare, hospitality, retail, public buildings, and beyond. HVAC Delivered assures quality, efficiency, and personalized service with this essential HVAC accessory.


  • MrCool — Universal Quick Connect Pre-Charged Line Set
  • MrCool — Universal Series heat pump systems
  • NOT compatible with the MRCOOL DIY


  • (1) 3/8" coupler
  • (1) 3/4" coupler (both double male end)

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm:



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Frequently Asked Questions about the NVCOUPLER-3834 MrCool HVAC Accessories 3/8" + 3/4 No-Vac Coupler Double Male End H2" x W6" Air Coupler

What is an air coupler in HVAC systems?

An air coupler in HVAC systems is a connecting device that joins two hoses or pipes, ensuring a secure and efficient airflow between different components.

Why is a double male end air coupler beneficial?

A double male end air coupler provides versatility by allowing connections at both ends, facilitating extended lengths or connections with other HVAC components.

Is the copper color of the air coupler just for aesthetics?

No, the copper color signifies the material, and in this case, it is a copper-colored coupler. The color does not affect its functionality but adds durability.

How does the no-vac design enhance safety?

The no-vac design ensures safety by preventing vacuum pressure, reducing the risk of air or contaminants entering the HVAC system during disconnection.

What benefits does the double male end coupler provide in HVAC installations?

The double male end coupler provides flexibility, enabling connections with various HVAC components and meeting specific installation needs without relying on traditional line sets.