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GCIK-OL2-5-00 MrCool GeoCool Inverter Series Open Loop Installation Kit, 2-5 Ton

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Benefits & Features

✅ Efficient HVAC Operation: Flow Meter and Solenoid Valve contribute to optimal system performance.
✅ Professional-Grade Quality: Crafted for HVAC professionals, ensuring durability and longevity.
✅ Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for HVAC systems with a capacity of 2-5 tons.
✅ Enhanced Precision: Flow Meter ensures accurate measurement for precise system control.
✅ Seamless Integration: Solenoid Valve facilitates smooth operation within the HVAC system.


Tonnage: 2-5

Crafted with precision, the GCIK-OL2-5-00 MrCool Open Loop Installation Kit for the GeoCool Inverter Series ensures reliability and efficiency. This kit, designed for HVAC professionals and property managers, includes a Flow Meter and Solenoid Valve. Engineered to deliver optimal performance, it supports closed-loop systems of 2-5 tons.


  • 1x Flow Meter
  • 1x Solenoid Valve


Installation Manual,

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Frequently Asked Questions about the GCIK-OL2-5-00 MrCool GeoCool Inverter Series Open Loop Installation Kit, 2-5 Ton

What is a closed loop system in HVAC?

A closed loop system in HVAC refers to a heating or cooling system that circulates a fluid (usually water or a water-based solution) through a closed loop of pipes to transfer heat to or from the surrounding environment.

How does a closed loop HVAC system work?

The closed loop system works by continuously circulating a heat transfer fluid through pipes. This fluid absorbs heat from the space it's cooling or releases heat into the space it's heating, maintaining a consistent temperature.

What are the advantages of a closed loop HVAC system?

Closed loop systems offer energy efficiency, durability, and environmental friendliness. They provide consistent performance and are less susceptible to external factors.

Can a closed loop system be used for both heating and cooling?

Yes, closed loop systems can be designed for both heating and cooling applications, providing a versatile solution for various HVAC needs.

Is maintenance required for a closed loop HVAC system?

While closed loop systems are generally low-maintenance, periodic checks on fluid levels, pressure, and system components are recommended to ensure optimal performance.