The Breeze Mate™ CS-10A solar ventilation system includes our Remote Interface master controller, fan control unit, and SFA/CMA fan model compatible wiring harness in one complete package.

Product Details:

The Breeze Mate™ CS-10A solar ventilation control system comes standard with the following components:
  • MC-10A Remote Interface Controller
  • FC-10A Fan Controller
  • WH-10A Wiring Harness
  • Fan controller mounting screws
  • Batteries included
  • Designed to work with all Attic Breeze products featuring a unit-attached solar panel (SFA; CMA models)
    • Adjustable temperature and humidity control
    • Attic depressurization pressure sensing technology
    • Integrated fusible link safety switch
    • The remote Interface unit wirelessly controls up to 10 solar fans
    • Allows for either manual or automatic fan control
    • Displays power output and fan operation
    • Allows for full control and optimization of your attic ventilation system or solar fan applications

    2 Year Warranty

    The Breeze Mate™ Solar Ventilation System is designed as a two-part control system, consisting of a remote interface master controller (MC-10A) along with individual fan controllers (FC-10A) that are installed in your attic. Breeze Mate™ offers full temperature and humidity control for your solar ventilation system and prevents attic depressurization using our patent pending pressure sensing technology. 

    Model Number: CS-10A