The TruSens Medium Air Purifier features a separate sensor to detect pollutants throughout the room, not just by the purifier. The SensorPod detects common pollutants in the air more accurately to improve coverage of cleaner air. Place the SensorPod away from the air purifier to optimize clean air delivery throughout your space. The purifier automatically adjusts fan speed in response to the SensorPod air quality readings. Improve air quality in your personal space with 360-degree, DuPont HEPA filtration combined with the power of ultraviolet light. The filter helps capture airborne viruses, allergens and certain VOC gases from all directions. The UV-C light kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter. PureDirect technology uses two airflow streams to distribute air more comfortably. Bi-directional airflow delivers purified air more effectively throughout a room, and in some cases, has proven to be up to 24 percent more efficient than traditional air purifiers with vertical airflow.


  • SensorPod optimizes clean air delivery
  • 360-degree filtration draws in air from every direction
  • HEPA filter captures pollutants as small as 0.3 microns
  • UV-C light kills germs and bacteria in filter
  • PureDirect technology distributes air comfortably


Purification Technology
  • HEPA
  • Ultraviolet
Maximum Coverage Area 375 Sq. ft.
Number of Fan Speeds 4
  • Filter Indicator Light
  • Auto Mode
  • Timer
  • Night Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Washable Filter
  • Carry Handle



Power Source AC Supply
Input Voltage 120 V AC
Power Consumption 28 W



Product Color White
Height 22"
Width 8"
Depth 8"
Weight (Approximate) 9.04 lb



  • Remove Pollution
  • Remove Odor
  • Remove Gases
  • Remove Bacteria
  • Remove Germs



Limited Warranty 2 Year