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Triangle Fans

SEB3613 Triangle Fans SEB Series for Cool Assembly Lines With Heavy Gauge Steel Barrels, Deep Pitched Blades Osha Approved Spiral Wound Guard, and Suspension or Yoke Mounted Models - Width: 38” Depth: 19” Height: 38” 115 Volts 60 Hertz

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Triangle’s Ceiling Mounted fans are rugged, low-cost air movers and are available in direct drive models up to 48” and belt drive models up to 84”. Yoke-mounted models allow for precise, directional cooling of people, products, or equipment. They are used worldwide to cool assembly lines, machine shops, loading docks, gymnasiums, warehouses, or anywhere a high volume of air movement is required.

    The “SEB” is great for factories, gymnasiums, or anywhere there is a need to have ceiling-mounted air movers.

    Hazardous Location Models

    Hazardous location models are made to order and are non-returnable. They come equipped with:

    • Motor: Single Speed, Div. 1, Class 1, Group D & Class II, Groups F & G
    • Aluminum Blade
    • Stationary Motor Mount
    • No wiring or switch


    Although this product is supplied with an explosion-proof motor and blades with spark-resistant aluminum paddles, it is not intended to convey the suitability of the overall finished product in a hazardous atmosphere, but only that the product has been supplied with certain components for this purpose. Application and wiring must be in accordance with local, state, and national codes and performed by a qualified electrician. Fans are not appropriate for use where paint residue can accumulate on the motor or blade. Hazardous location motors cannot be run into service factors so fan performance may be slightly less than published.


    Heavy gauge steel barrels
    Deep pitched blades for maximum airflow
    OSHA approved spiral wound guard
    Single and three-phase models available
    Suspension or yoke mounted models
    Belt drive
    Suspension mount
    Eyebolts included
    Automatic belt tensioner standard on 36” and 42” models



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