Soler Palau-USA

SDBD06CJH1AS Soler Palau-USA Downblast Direct Drive Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans Generally Used To Exhaust Air From All Types Of Commercial And Institutional Buildings , Exhaust Air Up To 4,984 CFM In High Static Pressure Applications Up To 2-1/4" W.g.

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SDBD Model

SDBD and SDBDe direct drive fans are designed to exhaust air up to 4,984 CFM, with high static pressure capability up to 2-1/4". The non-overloading backward inclined wheel with its higher static pressure capability makes these units suitable for either ducted or non-ducted applications. The spun aluminum exterior provides an attractive appearance and is compatible with belt driven Model SDB and companion gravity units to make up a complete ventilation system. Direct drive units use smaller diameter wheels, resulting in low sound levels and quiet operation. They have no belts or fan bearings to maintain or adjust and consequently require very little maintenance. Its roof mounting permits short duct runs and more efficient operation.

SDBD and SDBDe are generally used to exhaust air from all types of commercial and institutional buildings such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools, recreational buildings, machinery and equipment rooms, offices, retail stores and similar applications.



Exhaust air up to 4,984 CFM in high static pressure applications up to 2-1/4" w.g.
Attractive spun aluminum exterior
Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation
Curved non-overloading backward inclined wheel for efficiency at higher static pressures
AMCA Air and Sound Licensed
cULus 705 Listed
Ecowatt® (SDBDe Models)
Miami-Dade NOA and Florida Product Approval Option Available
Listed with the Texas Department of Insurance under Product Evaluation RV-126 for wind load and windborne debris resistance per IRC/IBC 2018
General/Clean Air
Spark Resistant
General (non-grease) Kitchen Areas
Manufacturing and Assembly Plants
Places of Worship


Size: 6
Max HP: 1/10 HP
CFM Range: 53 to 351
Max SP: 3/4"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 27
Size: 7
Max HP: 1/10 HP
CFM Range: 79 to 476
Max SP: 3/4"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 30
Size: 8
Max HP: 1/4 HP
CFM Range: 187 to 892
Max SP: 7/8"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 42
Size: 10
Max HP: 1/3 HP
CFM Range: 398 to 1,348
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 46
Max HP:
CFM Range:
Max SP:
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):
Size: 12
Max HP: 1/2 HP
CFM Range: 479 to 1,885
Max SP: 1-1/4"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 105
Max HP: 1 HP
CFM Range: 858 to 3,507
Max SP: 1-1/2"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 112
Size: 15
Max HP: 1-1/2 HP
CFM Range: 779 to 4,083
Max SP: 2"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 136
Size: 16
Max HP: 2HP
CFM Range: 966 to 4,733
Max SP: 2-1/4"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 136


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