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RCXII and RCXII-SF relief or intake ventilators feature low contour spun aluminum hoods for an attractive appearance. They are designed to exhaust or supply air from or to an enclosed area without the need for a power operated fan. Available in two styles, these fans range in sizes from 6 to 36". The RCXII has a curb cap found on most roof ventilators and must be mounted on a roof curb. RCXII-SF has an extra wide, flat base that installs under roof shingles and does not require a roof curb. Both styles come standard with a galvanized birdscreen.

RCXII and RCXII-SF rely on a difference in static pressure to create airflow through the ventilator from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. If the enclosed area is under negative pressure, air will flow into the enclosed area (intake). If the enclosed area has positive pressure, air will flow from the enclosed area to the outside (relief).

These units can also operate as gravity ventilators, allowing air to flow from an enclosed area using the "Stack Effect." The amount of airflow will depend on the temperature difference inside and outside the area and the height difference between the ventilator and the outside air intake to the area.