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The PV-DEDPV is a cULus 705 listed Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator. It effectively helps residential clothes dryers overcome the high static pressure caused by long duct runs between the dryer and wall or roof cap.

As laundry rooms move to more centralized locations in the home, longer and more complicated dryer duct runs are needed. These long runs cause an increase in static pressure that the integral clothes dryer fan cannot overcome. The International Mechanical Code (IMC) limits duct runs to 35 feet or less unless an engineering judgement can be made allowing a longer run. The long duct runs can cause a fire hazard because the clothes dryer fan cannot overcome the static pressure. This means the airflow is reduced causing longer drying times and more lint buildup in the ductwork. High temperatures and lint buildup are of serious safety concern in the dryer system.

The PV-DEDPV is an inline fan installed in clothes dryer systems to increase safety and allows architects/designers to locate the laundry room interior to the dwelling (instead of limiting them to only exterior walls) and still meet the  International Mechanical Code (IMC). This can be very helpful in multifamily applications where "interior units" can be sandwiched between other units creating long duct runs.