MSHDK1830 MrCool HVAC Accessories Signature Downflow Kit Combination Pack H7" X W21.5" Downflow Kit

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Upgrade your HVAC system's performance with the MrCool Signature Downflow Kit Combination Pack. Specifically crafted for HVAC professionals, homeowners, building managers, and many more, this kit ensures maximum efficiency and dependability.

Whether you're in the healthcare, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, or retail industry, this downflow kit is versatile enough to meet all your HVAC needs. Our kit is designed to boost the efficiency of your system, giving your HVAC equipment a prolonged life and seamless operation.


  • MrCool — Air Handlers (1.5 / 2 / 2.5 tons)

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Insulated drain pan
  • (1) Insulating foam tape for coil suction manifold (12" long)
  • (2) Non-insulated outer coil slab shields
  • (2) Insulated inner drain pan drip shields
  • (2) Front and rear insulated air seal plates
  • (2) Insulated downflow coil support brackets
  • (2) Pre-cut insulating foam tape for delta plates (16" long)
  • (6) Tapping screws (#8 x 1" AB hex washer HD) for downflow coil support brackets

Also available for:

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:


    âś…Downflow kit specifically designed for MRCOOL units, allowing for easy and efficient downflow installation.
    âś…Combination pack color family provides a versatile and aesthetically pleasing design that seamlessly integrates with your system.
    âś…Does not contain chemicals, aerosols, or compressed gas, offering a safe and reliable downflow kit option.
    âś…Complies with Proposition 65 regulations, indicating adherence to safety standards and requirements.
    âś…Compact dimensions of 12" (depth) x 7" (height) x 21.5" (width) and a gross weight of 17 lbs, making it easy to handle and install.


    Item Dimensions: 12" (D) x 7" (H) x 21.5" (W)
    Item Weight: 17 lbs
    Item Color: Combination Pack
    Equipment Type: Downflow Kit
    Batteries: No
    Chemicals: No
    Aerosol: No
    Compressed Gas: No
    Proposition 65 Warning: Yes
    Restricted States: GU PR;VI


    Installation Manual,

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