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Soler Palau-USA

MD5-ES24VK Soler Palau-USA Ventilation Outside Air Motorized Damper Kits | 24V, 60Hz, 6W

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Through a motorized damper controlled by a 24V temperature/humidity monitoring control, the S&P MDX-ES24VK allows air to enter dwellings to meet building code and ventilation standards requirements. The power can instruct the central HVAC blower to distribute fresh air through the existing ductwork if necessary.

Combining the control and damper allows you to meet ASHRAE 62.2 (2010/2013) and IRC (2012/2015) code requirements.

Fresh Air Motorized Damper and Control Kit 5In


[Included Items
1 ES24V - Envirosense Ventilation Control (24V)
1 MD5 - 5" Motorized Damper (24V)]
[Codes and Standards
ASHRAE 62.2 - 2010 & 2013
IRC 2012 & 2015]


Part ID: MD5
Round Duct Size:5
Frequency: 60
Current: 0.3
Insulation Class:A
Rated Ambient (°C):40
Noise:≤ 50


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