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Soler Palau-USA

FF50 Soler Palau-USA Losone Select Ceiling Mount Ventilator Suitable For Either Ducted Or Nonducted Applications Featuresextremely Quiet Losone Select Series Ventilators Are Available From 100 To 1,891 CFM, With Static Pressure Capabilities To 1”

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The extremely quiet Losone Select Series ventilators are available from 100 to 1,891 CFM, with static pressure capabilities to 1”. All units have centrifugal blower wheels and low RPM motors on resilient mounts. The forward curved centrifugal wheel with its high static pressure capability makes these ventilators suitable for either ducted or nonducted applications. They include removable blower assemblies and plug-in permanently lubricated motors for ease of servicing and cleaning.


Exhaust air up to 1500 CFM
Forward curve centrifugal wheel for high static pressure capabilities to 1" w.g.
Resilient mount, low RPM motor for quiet operation
Speed controllable
AMCA Seal for Air Performance
cULus Listed
For Use General/Clean Air,Restrooms,Conference,Rooms,Offices,Storage Areas,Restaurants, Retail Stores And Schools


L100 / FF100
Wattage: 87
CFM Range: 44 to 136
Max SP: 5/8"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 23
L150 / FF150
Wattage: 100
CFM Range: 62 to 181
Max SP:7/8"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):23
L200 / FF200
Wattage: 127
CFM Range:51 to 231
Max SP:1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):23
L250 / FF250
Wattage: 166
CFM Range: 99 to 272
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):23
L300 / FF300
Wattage: 212
CFM Range: 125 to 312
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 23
L400 / FF400
Wattage: 146
CFM Range: 114 to 480
Max SP: 7/8"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):34
L500 / FF500
Wattage: 232
CFM Range: 186 to 538
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 34
L700 / FF700
Wattage: 313
CFM Range: 333 to 722
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 34
L900 / FF900
Wattage: 306
CFM Range: 390 to 918
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):64
L1500 / FF1500
Wattage: 468
CFM Range: 816 to 1,578
Max SP: 1"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 64


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