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SP Richards

LLR 00203 Lorell HEPA 240 Air Purifier For Removing Bacteria And Improving Air Quality With Auto Shutoff, Quiet Operation, Automode, And Timer - 4 Speeds

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Breathe clean, refreshing air using the HEPA 240 Air Purifier. It features continuous smart monitoring so its Real Time Air Quality Indicator lets you know the current air quality level. Using a 4-In-1 True HEPA Filter, the air purifier removes 99 percent of bacteria in one hour, 99 percent of 2.5 micron particulate matter in one hour and 95 percent of formaldehyde in four hours. When in Auto Wind Mode, the fan speed adjusts to low, medium, high or turbo according to air quality detected by the dust sensor. Convenient timer lets you run the device one hour, two hours, four hours or eight hours before the air purifier automatically shuts off. Air purifier operates silently.


Breathe calming air that's as fresh as a summertime's forest glade
Use 4-In-1 True HEPA Filter to remove 99% of bacteria in just 1 hour
Also removes 99 percent of small particles (2.5 micron diameter) in 1 hour
Continuous smart monitoring to alert you to the room's current air quality
Auto-adjusting fan speed according to dust sensor - 4 speeds - low, medium, high or turbo


Particle Removal Efficiency: 99%
Particle Size: 2.500 ยตm
Auto Shutoff
Quiet Operation
Auto Mode
Product Color: White
Height: 20"
Width: 12.8"
Length: 20"
Remove Bacteria
Remove Formaldehyde
Recycled: No
Assembly Required: No