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Triangle Fans

TPC3613-T Triangle Fans TPC Heatbuster Portable Drum Fan for Spot Cool Assembly Lines, Machine Shops, and Warehouses With Belt Drive, Heavy Gauge Steel Barrels, Osha Approved Spiral Wound Guards, Single-Phase, One- Or Two-Speed Motors - 60 Hertz

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The highest quality, most complete line of heavy-duty fans available, HeatBuster fans are belt-driven, rugged, low-cost air movers. They are used to spot cool assembly lines, machine shops, bakeries, loading docks, laundries, gymnasiums, auto repair facilities, warehouses, or anywhere a high volume of air movement is required.

    The HeatBuster is one of the most rugged and dependably built, full-service belt drive fans on the market and is engineered to provide long-lasting spot cooling.

    Hazardous Location Models

    Hazardous location models are made to order and are non-returnable. They come equipped with:

    • Motor: Single Speed, Div. 1, Class 1, Group D & Class II, Groups F & G
    • Aluminum Blade
    • Stationary Motor Mount
    • No wiring or switch


    Belt drive
    Heavy gauge steel barrels
    Deep pitched blades for maximum airflow
    OSHA approved spiral wound guards
    115 volt, 60 hertz, single-phase, one- or two-speed motors
    115V power cord with molded plug
    Top of the line HeatBuster
    Widebody barrel
    Full-width easy-grip handle



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