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ES-27Z-M3B/ACIQ-09W-HH-M-3 ACiQ Multi-Zone 27k BTU Condenser with 3 Platinum Air Handlers (Bundle)

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Energy Star Multi Zone Condenser:

The 33,750 BTU total BTU rating of the 27,000 BTU, ES-27Z-M3B is intended to accommodate up to 3 air handlers with ease at up to 1.25 times the condenser BTU rating. To maintain the appropriate amount of heating or cooling required to maintain your chosen temperature in each room or zone, this adaptive, inverter condenser continuously self-adjusts. You may even turn off heating and cooling in empty spaces and set different settings for each room. This, along with a high-efficiency rating of 24.6 SEER2, indicates that you are purchasing a system that is thoughtfully intended to save you money both now and throughout the course of the unit's lifetime.

Platinum Multi Zone Air Handler:

To build a highly effective, Hyper Heat system, ACiQ Platinum air handlers can be combined with any ACiQ Multizone condenser or the Platinum Single Zone condenser. No matter the weather outside, this air handler can handle small to medium-sized rooms and uses adaptive technology to continuously monitor and maintain your preferred temperature.

Intelligent Heating and Cooling:
On the front of the ACiQ-09W-HH-MB air handler, there is a soft LED display that provides information quickly. By default, the display shows the room temperature, but it can also show changes in the temperature setpoint and the mode. This display will also indicate any error codes from the self-diagnosing control board to guarantee that your device functions properly for the duration of its lifespan. The display may be turned off at any time, and the smart remote that comes with it has an LCD screen integrated into it that can show these notifications as well.

WiFi Options:
WiFi is ready on ACiQ! The wall-mounted air handlers are equipped with everything you need to remotely control the heating and cooling of your house using an iOS or Android smart device. Additionally compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is ACiQ.


[Condenser Features:
27,000 BTU, 24.6 SEER2 multi zone heat pump condenser
Designed to function with up to 3 attached air handlers
Efficient cooling from 5°F to 122°F outdoor temperatures
Efficient heating from -13°F to 75°F outdoor temperatures
Gold Fin full-protection coating on condenser coil
Quiet operation at even the highest workloads]
[Air Handler Features:
9,000 BTU wall mounted air handler with included remote control
WiFi capable using free Net Home Plus app , Google Home or Alexa
Easy maintenance and installation
Multizone compatible heat or cool multiple rooms on one outdoor unit
Enhanced Dry mode, intelligent sleep mode, power save mode.]


Condenser Specifications:
Available Zones: 3
SEER2: 24.6
Cooling BTU: 28,000
Heating BTU: 28,000
Electrical: 208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
Liquid Line: 1/4"
Suction Line: 3/8"
Height: 31.89"
Width: 37.24"
Depth: 16.14"
Weight: 150.6 lbs
Warranty: 12-Year Compressor / 7-Year Parts with Registration

Air Handler Specifications:
Model: ACiQ-09W-HH-MB
SEER: 23-24
Cooling BTU: 9,000
Heating BTU: 10,000
Electrical: 208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
Liquid Line: 1/4"
Suction Line: 3/8"
Communicating Capability: Enabled with Wi-Fi® capability
Warranty: 12-Year Compressor / 7-Year Parts with Registration
Weight: 22.7 lbs
Height: 11.8"
Width: 33.4"
Depth: 9.2"


(Condenser) Owner's & Install Manual,
(Air Handler) Owner's & Install Manual,
Remote Control Manual,
WiFi Manual,
Condenser Amperage Chart,
(Condenser) Warranty,
(Air Handler) Warranty,