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SP Richards

EVI 90IP01MI01W Envion Ionic Pro Compact Air Purifier For Small Rooms Featuring Silent Operation And Energy-Efficient Design - Up To 250 Sq Ft

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Designed for small rooms, this compact air purifier is perfect for both your home and office. Totally silent operation purifies air in complete silence to prevent disrupting your peace and quiet. Energy-efficient performance uses less energy than a compact fluorescent bulb to keep your operating costs to a minimum. Easy-to-use design does not have any filters to replace and cleans easily for simple maintenance. Quality craftsmanship and innovative technology remove allergens, irritants and pollutants. Plus it destroys cold and flu viruses, mold spores and even staph and strep bacteria.


Silent operation prevents disrupting quiet environments
Energy-efficient design minimizes your operating costs
Easy-to-use construction does not require filter replacement
Innovative technology removes allergens, irritants, mold spores and more
For use in small rooms up to 250 square feet


Maximum Coverage Area: 250 Sq. ft.
Number of Fan Speeds: 2
Features: Easy to Clean
Product Color: Black
Height: 18.8"
Width: 8"
Length: 6.4"
Remove Bacteria
Remove Allergens
Remove Irritants
Remove Pollution
Recycled: No
Assembly Required: No


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