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Jan Fan has gone a step further in creating the most energy efficient commercial and industrial air circulators on the market. Already known for manufacturing the lowest wattage fans, Jan Fan has now developed NEW Energy Saving Technology that takes energy savings to an all new level. The company’s Energy Saving Module actually turns fans off when they are not in use; consuming energy, reducing motor wear and dirt buildup on fan parts.

  • Patented JF-ESM module will easily and quickly install into motor end dome of each fan (where it's protected from damage, theft and tampering).
  • After the module is installed and the fan is turned on, the fan will AUTOMATICALLY SHUT OFF after 4, 5, 6, or 10 hours.
  • "ON TIMES" related to "WORK SHIFT PERIODS" are set by your technicians during initial module installation.
  • Will control any 20", 24", or 30" JAN FAN Air Circulator and some of our competitor's models.
  • Saves energy, excessive motor wear and unnecessary dirt buildup on fan parts...all translating into longer fan life and BIG SAVINGS!
  • Remember, each industrial Jan Fan is extremely energy efficient as it has a 2 speed, ¼ h.p., T.E., 240 watt, maintenance free ball bearing motor.