Triangle Fans

CSS30 Triangle Fans Ventilation Shutters And Dampers, Aluminum Frame, 30" FAN SIZE

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CSS No-Cut Joist Ceiling Shutter comes standard with Comfort Aide direct drive whole house fans.

    Opening Sizes: Installs centered on a joist with 16" or 24" centers. Cut two openings on each side of the center joist per shutter model.

    *For 24” O.C. joists only

    Note: This Joist Ceiling Shutter comes with a 30" fan size but is also available in a 24" fan size.


    Heavy duty extruded aluminum frames
    and louvers
    Polyethylene bearing for smooth, silent
    Shutters open and close automatically,
    keeping out air, insects and dust
    White enamel finish


    Dimensions (Outside): 32" x 35"
    Dimensions (Inside): 30" x 33"
    Opening Size: 14 1/4" x 33 1/4"
    Fan Size: 30"
    Approximate Weight: 10 lbs