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Plastec Ventilation

RU Plastec Ventilation Roof Unit Kits in Polypropylene, Designed for Utility Blower Roof Curb Mounting for Plastec, Roof Curb or Wall Mounting for RU15 Through RU30, Discharge to 8 Different Positions in 45º Increments

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Roof Unit Kits
Designed for utility blower roof curb mounting for Plastec utility blower models P15 through P30. Sidewall mounting is optional on most models. Not available for models with Explosion-Proof Motors.


Injection molding process to provide uniform thickness and strength.
Horizontal discharge with roof curb mounting or sidewall mount
Roof curb or wall mounting for RU15 through RU30
Attractive design
Optional disconnect switch
Easy access for any maintenance when required
Includes roof curb cap base, weather cover for motor and exhaust guard
UV treated
Discharge to 8 different positions in 45º increments
Suitable for side wall exhaust.


Material: Polypropylene
Mounting Hardware: Stainless Steel
Temperature Limitations: Recommended up to 140º F


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