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Soler Palau-USA

CM Soler Palau-USA Sizes 22 - 36 (RS) Belt Drive Utility Vent Set Size For Commercial Light Industrial Air Movement Projects Designed And With UL Listed To Withstand Inlet Temperatures Of 500°f For 4 Hours And 1000°f For 45 Minutes. Sizes 22 - 36

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CM Series Size 22 - 36 (RS)

The CM Series belt driven backward inclined Utility Vent Set fans to offer an excellent choice for all medium and high-pressure exhaust or supply applications for commercial, institutional or light industrial air movement projects. All models are supplied complete with the motor mounted on an adjustable base, v-belt drives, heavy-duty ball bearings and integral mounting platform. The installer-friendly design simplifies and reduces the cost of installation. Each complete fan is tested prior to shipping to ensure smooth, vibration free and consistently reliable operation to provide years of dependable service with minimal maintenance.

CM's are available in a full range of sizes (10 through 36) provides airflow performance from 500 to over 24,500 CFM, with static pressure capability up to 5-1/2". This single inlet backward inclined utility fan provides substantial benefits for pressure flow, low power consumption and low noise level, ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

The turbine performance minimizes unnecessary energy losses resulting in a system with high efficiency.

The CM and AMCA-C are available in four distinctly different construction arrangements to meet a wide range of demanding specialized exhaust or supply applications.


Performance: 500-25,000 CFM with Static Pressures up to 5-1/2" w.g.
Backward inclined CW or CCW orientation non-overloading wheels, sizes 10 to 36"
Steel sheet metal construction with corrosion resistant Epoxy Powder Coating, and welded scroll for airtight lock seam
Adjustable rotation and discharge orientations in accordance with AMCA 99-2406-83 Standards
AMCA Air and Sound Licensed (except size 10)
[Model CM
cULus 705, Power Ventilator
Operating Temp -20°F to +200°F continuous]
[Model CM-RHUL
cULus 762, Power Ventilator for Restaurant Exhaust Applications
Operating Temp -20°F to +400°F continuous]
[Model CM-HT
cULus 793, Power Ventilator for Smoke Control Systems
Designed and UL Listed to withstand inlet temperatures of 500°F for 4 hours and 1000°F for 45 minutes.]
[Models CM with AMCA-C Assembly Kit (option)
cULus705, Power Ventilator
Operating Temp -20°F to +200°F continuous.
AMCA TYPE-C Spark Proof Rating
Corrosion resistant epoxy coated steel wheel and scroll with non-ferrous inlet]


Max HP: 3/4 HP
CFM Range: 499 to 1,623
Max SP: 3-1/2"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 123
Size: 12
Max HP: 2 HP
CFM Range: 778 to 3,110
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 154
Size: 14
Max HP:3 HP
CFM Range: 960 to 4,080
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 172
Size: 16
Max HP: 3 HP
CFM Range: 1,192 to 4,694
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):202
Size: 18
Max HP: 5 HP
CFM Range: 1,504 to 6,486
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 251
Size: 20
Max HP: 5 HP
CFM Range: 1,864 to 7,806
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 287
Size: 22
Max HP: 7-1/2 HP
CFM Range: 2,360 to 10,620
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 389
Size: 24
Max HP: 10 HP
CFM Range: 2,960 to 13,505
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs): 465
Size: 27
Max HP: 15 HP
CFM Range:3760 to 15980
Max SP: 5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):680
Max HP:15 HP
CFM Range:4,608 to 18,144
Max SP:5"
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):931
Max HP:15 HP
CFM Range:
Max SP:
Avg. Ship Weight (lbs):


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