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Soler Palau-USA

BOC Soler Palau-USA Interior Air Valve Used In Heating, Air Conditioning And Ventilation Systems With Painted Galvanized Metal Air Exhaust/intake Valves For Dwelling And Commercial Applications (Available In Sizes 4" Through 8")

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Painted galvanized metal air exhaust/intake valves for dwelling and commercial applications. All models offer an adjustable central valve to regulate the airflow. They can be used in heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.


Decorative metal adjustable air valve
Available in sizes 4" through 8"
Suitable for both supply and exhaust applications


BOC100: 5 - 70 (CFM)
BOC125: 25 - 190 (CFM)
BOC150: 30 - 265 (CFM)
BOC200: 55 - 470 (CFM)