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Plastec Ventilation

BD12 Plastec Ventilation Parts & Accessories Back Draft Damper, Vertical Gravity, 12 Inch

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Designed to operate in ducting where highly corrosive air is present. Designed to fit round schedule 40 PVC ducting or other construction materials as specified by the dimensions listed for each model damper.

Note: This PVC Duct comes in 12-inch size but is also available in 8-inch size.


All internal parts are plastic
Can be installed vertically only
Has bell end sockets and a minimum socket depth of 2 inches or more except on the 4 inch model which is 1.75 inches
Allows for less than 5% airflow restriction
Offers an approximate 95% seal


Size: 12 inch PVC Duct (ID 12.750 inch)
Body, Damper Plate and Shaft Material: PVC
Temperature Limitations: Recommended up to 140ΒΊ F


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