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Plastec Ventilation

BD12 Plastec Ventilation HVAC Parts & Accessories 12" PVC Duct Backdraft Dumper

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Made with plastic materials, the BD12 Plastec Ventilation HVAC Backdraft Dumper ensures optimal airflow control. With its bell end sockets and a minimum socket depth of 2 inches, this dumper allows for less than 5% airflow restriction and offers an approximate 95% seal. Specifically designed for 12-inch ducts, it's suitable for vertical installation only.


  • BD12 Plastec Ventilation HVAC Backdraft Dumper

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✅ Efficient Airflow Control: Ensures less than 5% airflow restriction, promoting optimal HVAC performance.
✅ Secure Seal: Offers an approximate 95% seal, preventing unwanted air leakage.
✅ Durable Construction: Made of durable plastic material, ensuring longevity and reliability.
✅ Versatile Installation: Designed for vertical installation, suitable for various HVAC setups.
✅ Precision Engineering: Bell end sockets and precise socket depth ensure proper fit and functionality.


Item Dimensions: 12.75"
Item Weight: 7 lbs


Submittal Data & Specification Sheet,

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Frequently Asked Questions about the BD12 Plastec Ventilation HVAC Parts & Accessories 12" PVC Duct Backdraft Dumper

What is a backdraft dumper in HVAC?

A backdraft dumper is a device designed to control and regulate airflow in HVAC systems, preventing the unwanted reversal of air during specific conditions.

How does a backdraft dumper work?

It works by allowing airflow in one direction while preventing reverse airflow, ensuring proper ventilation and system efficiency.

Why is efficient airflow control important in HVAC systems?

Efficient airflow control is crucial to optimize HVAC performance, maintain temperature consistency, and reduce energy consumption.

What materials are commonly used in manufacturing backdraft dumpers?

Backdraft dumpers are often made of durable materials like plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to environmental conditions.

Is routine maintenance required for backdraft dumpers?

While they are generally low-maintenance, periodic checks for any debris or damage are recommended to ensure optimal performance.