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Fire Pit Art

AMISH FIRE TOOLS Fire Pit Art Amish Fire Tools Traditional Tools Are Handcrafted By Amish Farmers For Ash Shovel, Massive Log Tongs, And An Indestructible Fire Poker 2" Deep 5" Wide 10 Lbs

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We are very proud to introduce a line of Amish Fire Tools. These traditional tools are handcrafted by Amish farmers in a traditional blacksmith forge and are spectacular in design and construction. This set consists of an ash shovel, massive log tongs, and an indestructible fire poker.


Fire Pit Art® Fire Pit Warranty

All fire pit components excluding gas components are warranted for a period of 10 years after the date of purchase by the original owner.

Any returns sent back must be sent via prepaid freight and in the original retail packaging. 

Proof of purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered.  The sales receipt is the only valid proof of purchase.


    USA Hand-Crafted Fire Pits made in Tennessee


    Product Height: 2" deep
    Product Diameter: 5" wide
    Base / Height Diameter: N/A
    Weight: 10 lbs.
    Finish: Iron Oxide


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    Introduction to Fire Pit Art,
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