ACIQ-24-AHB/ACIQ-24-HPB ACiQ Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Split System, w/ Extreme Heat 2 Ton 20 SEER Variable Speed Split System Heat Pump (Bundle)

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Are you ready to take control of your indoor climate? Look no further than the ACiQ Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Split System. Engineered by ACiQ, a brand known for expertise and a customer-focused approach in HVAC supply procurement, this Next Gen Heat Pump system is your gateway to unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1x 24,000 BTU ACiQ Next Gen Central Air Handler
  • 1x 2 Ton 20 SEER ACiQ Inverter Heat Pump Condenser w/ Max Heat

The variable DC blower and communication technology of the ACiQ-24-AHB air handler optimize both comfort and efficiency. The system can self-adjust BTU output to optimize efficiency while offering the ideal level of comfort thanks to communication between the inverter condenser outside and the variable air handler inside via the smart thermostat that is provided. By connecting to your existing ductwork, the air handler effectively distributes heated and chilled air throughout your house.


  • Line Set 30' — LS38343830
  • Line Set 50' — LS38343850
  • Condenser Pad — EL-1838-3
  • Disconnect — 83335
  • Whip — 84132

Installation and Maintenance:
Any new air handler's installation is quite identical to the original. Your expert will connect to your return and supply ductwork, as well as make electrical, refrigerant, thermostat, and communication connections. The ACiQ Next Gen Air Handler is mobile-home approved and multi-positional (upflow, downflow, or horizontal). The system can be controlled by any 24V thermostat with two heating phases, though the supplied thermostat is advised. As a backup heating system for the coldest days of the year, you can add electric strip heat. If a component of the system needs maintenance, the intelligent control board in the air handler displays fault codes.

Please note - in order to function as a heat pump, this air handler must be installed with a condenser and other installation equipment, available at an additional cost if not already included in this product bundle. To use straight electric heating, an electric heater coil is necessary and is also available at an additional cost.


✅Heat Pump Features:
•Traditional heat pumps rely on expensive heat strips below 30deg F
•ACiQ Next Gen saves up to 75% in temps below 30deg F
•Variable BTU Inverter ramps up and down to match demand
•Smart system with soft startups to maximize efficiency
•OK to size for heat – will not short cycle during cooling
•Max Heat technology keeps you warm to -22 and beyond
✅Air Handler Features:
•24,000 BTU, 2 ton central ducted air handler
•Wired smart thermostat included
•Or – use your preferred 24v thermostat
•Variable DC blower
•Upflow, downflow, horizontal left or right
•Manufactured Home and mobile home approved


Heat Pump Specifications:
Refrigerant Charge: 102.32
Weight (in lbs): 145.500000
AHRI Certificate Number: 206315628
Rating: 81%-100%
HSPF: 11.6
HSPF2: 10
Cooling BTU: 24000 BTU
Heating BTU: 24000 BTU
Maximum CFM: 3000.00
Decibel Level (dBA): 62
Electric Heat: Heat Pump
Energy Star: Yes
Refrigerant: R410A
SEER (Efficiency): 18-20
SEER2 (Efficiency): 17.5
EER: 12.5
Compressor Type: Rotary
Liquid Line: 3/8"
Suction Line: 3/4"
Electrical: 208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
Max Breaker Size: 35
Min. Breaker Size: 20.5
Tonnage: 2 Ton
BTU/Tonnage: 24000 BTU/2 Ton
Mini-Split Type: Multi-Positional
Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Heating: -22~75
Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Cooling: 5~122
Zone Compatibility: Single Zone
Ambient Temperature Range: -22~122
Height: 31.89"
Width: 37.24"
Depth: 16.14"
Warranty: 7 year parts, 12 year compressor with online registration

Air Handler Specifications:
Weight (in lbs): 127.430000
HSPF: 11
Cooling BTU: 22000 BTU
Heating BTU: 27000 BTU
Maximum CFM: 882
Decibel Level (dBA): 43
Electric Heat: Heat Pump
Electric Backup Heat Capabilities
(Optional): 5 Kilowatts, 10 Kilowatts
Energy Star: Yes
Refrigerant: R410A
SEER (Efficiency): 18-20
EER: 12.5
Liquid Line: 3/8"
Suction Line: 3/4"
Electrical: 208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz
Max Breaker Size: 15
Min. Breaker Size: 4
System Tonnage: 2 Ton
BTU/Tonnage: 24000 BTU/2 Ton
Mini-Split Type: Multi-Positional
Zone Compatibility: Single Zone
Height: 45"
Width: 17.52"
Depth: 21.02"
Warranty: 7 year parts — 12 year compressor with online registration


Owner's & Install Manual,
Quick Start Guide,

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